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The state of the economy today is such that more and more people are facing the daunting prospect of losing the home they worked hard to buy. Over the past ten to twenty years the home mortgage industry has expanded greatly and with this expansion came the temptation on the part of lenders to take short cuts so as to streamline their profit potential. They sold off their loans to other investors and even sold them to pools and trusts; this is called securitization. In many cases they by-passed important state and federal legal requirements, such as recording assignments and preparing bills of sale.

Is a mortgage servicer claiming to be the holder and owner of your note? Are they claiming that they have a right to foreclose? Have you been contacted by a law firm claiming to represent a Substitute Trustee who has posted your home for foreclosure and is the this substitute trustee claiming to represent trust or pool of certificate holders of some sort? If you answer yes to any of these questions, call me, you could have some very valuable rights to be protected.

If you are facing foreclosure and you are not sure where you stand, contact me, foreclosure defense attorney Gary L. Leonard, by calling 1-832-243-9733 to set up a consultation to review your situation. You may be able to avoid foreclosure. The first half-hour of the initial consultation is free.

Mortgage Examination and Review

I can reduce the stress which normally accompanies a notice of foreclosure or those annoying letters from lawyers by finding reviewing your mortgage documents to see exactly who is trying to do what to you and I can help to determine if they are legally in a position to do what they are threatening to do to you. Contact me before you get that dreaded Notice of Foreclosure!

You can contact me at your convenience to schedule a consultation. The first half-hour of an initial consultation is free. The law office of Gary L. Leonard is near Highway 290 and West Sam Houston Parkway. My office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.